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Office Location
BST E1200

Lab Location
Sundd Lab / BST E1200


Phone: 412-648-9987

Tomasz Brzóska, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology


Tomasz obtained his MS in Pharmacy from the Medical University of Bialystok (Bialystok, Poland) in 2009 and his Ph.D. from the Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Hamamatsu, Japan) in 2013. Subsequently, he worked for two years as an assistant professor at the Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Hamamatsu, Japan). His research over the last few years has been focused on using intravital confocal microscopy to elucidate the molecular and biophysical mechanisms of interactions between platelets, endothelium, leukocytes, coagulation and fibrinolytic factors in physiological and pathophysiological states. Tomasz joined the Vascular Medicine Institute in January 2016 and he is using in vivo Multi-Photon Excitation enabled intravital fluorescence microscopy to identify the cellular and molecular cues that promote thrombosis and subsequent lung injury in transgenic SCD mice.

Education and Training

MPharm, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland, 2009
PhD, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan, 2013

Visiting Fellow Researcher, Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics, Poland, 2015
Postdoctoral Associate Associate, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2016